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Richard Seeley

Richard Seeley

Despite the fact that his is a reputation that is only now gaining the recognition it deserves, Richard Seeley has actually been producing since early 2006. Seeley’s approach to his craft, then, is one that’s indebted to a subtle, steady approach rather than an immediate impact. His music – draped as it is in dexterous, beguiling tones – is indicative of the fact too. Laden with colourful, thought-provoking hues, it boasts all the hallmarks of a producer obsessed by the many intricacies of sound.

Born in North Wales in 1978, Richard Seeley spent his formative years listening to veterans of the electronic music scene such as Carl Cox. Enthralled by Cox’s magnetism behind the decks and a penchant for ‘far-out’ sounds that seemed a world away from his upbringing in the small market town of Dunstable, Bedfordshire, Seeley – as these stories tend to go – purchased a set of decks soon after.

Seeley’s story from here on out is a familiar one, with the man himself embracing a house and techno bug that’s remained close to his heart ever since. DJing at every possible opportunity and inspired by London club nights such as those at The Cross and The Key, he soon turned his hand to hosting his own parties, Juicy Vermin, alongside his close friend Andreas Georgiades.

Despite a string of gigs in Poland and some closer to home in seminal nightspots such as fabric (where he was personally invited by Terry Francis), it’s Seeley’s work as a producer that he’s perhaps best renowned for. Inspired by a dedication to become a successful touring DJ and an astute producer, Seeley spent hour after hour in the studio, tirelessly grafting away in the hope that his music would find a suitable audience. And soon enough it did, with Tim Sheridan so impressed by his musical nous that he invited his to warm up for Mr.C, not to mention contribute to Sheridan’s esteemed VVWI imprint.

Further musical accomplishments followed, with Seeley’s remix on Darren Emerson’s Detone imprint remixing Emersons and Empire of the Sun’s Nick littlemore Au Go Go.
His ‘Mas Profundo’ EP signed to Matt Edwards AKA Radio Slave’s REK’D imprint, with another original, “Juicy Vermin” finding favour on Ellen Allien’s Boogybytes mix. And despite setting up his own company since then, Seeley has also – somehow – found time to set up two labels, Glue Music and Discolour. While Glue Music was set up as an outlet to cater to new and established ‘underground’ producers, Discolour – his more recent endeavour – is less focused on artwork and remixers, and will see Seeley contribute more regularly thanks in part to the simplified process. As Seeley himself points out: “It’s all about making murky music for murky minds.” And chances are if you’ve already sampled the label’s debut release, his own, ‘Burnt Soul’ EP, then you’ll understand precisely what he’s alluding to. With a host of new productions as well as a live show in the pipeline, these are heady times indeed for a man who feels like he’s just getting started.