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MWA long awaited release of Black EP date 28th November.

Robert Cashin & Paul Loraine

MWA release their debut On Glue Music after some length of time with the Glue schedule having a pause due to exploring vinyl avenues only to discover its a fucking nightmare at the moment, with closed door distributors and economic woe it would just be a very expensive hobby. So after much dispute and a little bit of a tail between the legs Richard Seeley admits it’s been a rocky few months, not financially, not even music wise just getting vinyl to market seemed to be the biggest probelm. “MWA just needed to come out, everyone involved was getting restless and once you hear the EP you will know why, the guys have been very patient and now its time to put Glue back on the road to momentum and quality releases – after the last release getting a 4/5 on RA we need to carry this on and the  ‘Black EP’  will not dissapoint with two original deftly produced pieces of music and remixes from Justin Drake and one from myself  I feel this is the perfect EP after a few months in the shadows”

Released date : 28th Nov

Words: J. Shona.